• Ethan, the owner of Your Local Gardener, is a Sunshine Coast local. His speciality is edible and functional plants, often taking inspiration from natural surroundings and phenomenon. Your Local Gardener has the ability to turn your existing areas into a, not only beautiful garden, but also delicious and useful treasure trove of resources.


    Have no fear though. Your Local Gardener is experienced in standard garden maintenance and can achieve whatever kind of goal you have in mind for your outside areas. Call Your Local Gardener today for anything from a small lawn mow, to a full garden redesign.


  • Email: YLGardenerSC@gmail.com

    Admin: 54537790 

    Ethan (owner): 0490 134 117

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/YourlocalgardenerSC

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  • Prices at a glance

    We let the prices speak for themselves.

    Simple Jobs $30 p/h

    Any job that can be completed without the need for more than basic machinery/tools.


    Any job that requires only a basic understanding of gardening.


    Please note that we have a $30 minimum on all jobs.

    Complex Jobs $40 p/h

    Any job that requires more than basic gardening knowledge, or basic machinery/tools.

    Material Prices

    Any materials that are needed in particular for the job are charged to the client.

    Green Waste Removal

    Half full ute load: $25
    Full ute load: $45
    Small waste (to fit into bags): $5 per bag

  • Our Beliefs

    The Beauty of Nature

    At Your Local Gardener, we understand that the colours and shapes seen in nature are aesthetically pleasing. However, we see the most beauty in nature in its cohesiveness. There are a plethora of functional plants that allow nature to seamlessly coexist.


    Although functional plants are often imagined as edible, medicinal, or having useful materials, Your Local Gardener understands that there is much more to functionality than the uses garnered by humans. One of the most amazing systems within nature is the cycle of nutrients, and water. Certain plants improve soil and water retention. Other plants distract pests from other, weaker plants. Other plants can provide shade, or mulch for other plants.


    At Your Local Gardener, we have studied these kinds of systems and, although we always ensure our gardens are aesthetically pleasing, we also use natural systems in order to create gardens that are cohesive with their surroundings and within themselves.

    Independence of Living

    At Your Local Gardener, we believe independence is empowering. We understand that being able to provide your family or household with free herbs may not seem like the most pressing matter in your life. But we also believe that being able to provide anything to the ones you love gives an immense feeling of satisfaction.


    Knowing that you can grow what you eat, and are no longer at the whim of closing times and price changes when you want to purchase some fresh food, is one of the most satisfying feelings one can have. These kind of senses of accomplishment and satisfaction allows people to feel independent and stronger as people.


    See what our past clients have had to say about our work!

    Tyrone, Mooloolaba - November 2017

    I have been using 'Your Local Gardener' service for almost a year now. I have an agreement with Ethan to come around and do work when ever he thinks it is appropriate, this is a big help to me as I don't need to think about it.

    He is very honest and completes yard work usually about once a month. The yard is always left clean and tidy. He is very well priced for the service that is provided.

    Nicholas, Buderim - November 2017

    Arrived on time, did a great job, and very reasonable prices considering our lawn is on a hill and a little bit awkward to mow. Would definitely recommend.

    Tarryn, Buderim - November 2017

    Thank you for the amazing yards..! They look great!

    Nadia, Buderim - Novemeber 2017

    Ethan just finished up and he did a fantastic job. We have booked him in for a monthly 1.5-2 hour visit for garden maintenance.

    Shelley, Eudlo - July 2017

    Bloody awesome, Ethan. Stoked with his work. Thank you so much.

    Cindy, Mooloolaba - June 2017

    I would recommend this gardening service to whoever needs their lawns and gardens maintained. Jack was great with my two and a half year old and a really nice guy. He mowed my lawns as well as taking away all of the clippings. He did a fantastic job for a very competitive price (lowest bidder I received). I will be using this service monthly! Highly reccomend!!